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Qurnex can help Store all your inventory in one safe place

Have all your products stored in one place and use Qurnex to fulfil your orders on Jumia and from other eCommerce platforms in Nigeria. Fast, safe & easy!

Pricing & Plans


Qurnex has simplfied all of your Jumia/Konga fulfilment costs (e.g. picking, packing, packaging materials, stocking, time spent at the hubs, etc.) into just two fees: Fulfilment and Storage Fee.


Qurnex prices won’t hide anything from you, no matter the size of your business. What you see is what you pay, both for storage and fulfilment.


Our low rates stand out. Especially when it comes to our fast fulfilment and the quality of services we provide. Compare our rates to any others and see.

This applies to each item fulfilled, based on the size. Which includes the whole order process; printing labels, picking, packaging, and fulfilling of orders.

This applies to each item stored in a Qurnex location, charged per item per month, based on the length of time items stayed in our fulfilment centre.

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This applies to each item fulfilled, based on the size. Which includes the whole order process; printing labels, picking, packaging, and fulfilling of orders.

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Sign up to Qurnex and create a brand new, or connect your existing Jumia/Konga Store with Qurnex. Then send your products to our fulfilment center in Lagos. Once orders start coming in, we’ll pick, package and fulfil all orders for you.

See our pricing structure to know exactly how much you will pay to store and fulfil your items with Qurnex. To also get the cost breakdown for each of your items, chat us up HERE.

Are you kidding me? Qurnex helps manage your whole selling process. Offering swift fulfilment that’ll boost your store ratings and delight your customers with faster delivery of their orders. This potentially increase the chance of getting more eyeballs to your products – which equals to more sales.

Order fulfilment covers all the steps involved from when a sale takes place to delivering that order to the customer. Which involves the process of storing, packing, and fulfilling all orders to the customers, and handling returns.
Some businesses/individuals manages their orders fulfilment themselves, while others use a service like Qurnex Fulfilment so they save time and focus on other things that are of importance to them.

NOTE: Qurnex Fulfilment focuses on the process of storing your items, packing, and fulfilling all your orders on Jumia/Konga, as well as handling returns for you. While Jumia/Konga delivers all orders to your customers, collects the cash and pay directly to you.

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